• Obsessed

    "it is a superhero for dry skin!"

    - Zara Larsson

  • The Lift

    The lift I’m talking about is to try to do things that brings you joy even though it might seem useless. 

  • What is health?

    A professor of medical sociology named Aaron Antonovsky studied Jewish women who survived concentration camps. He thought about how some individuals could stay mentally healthy and how they could have such a strong resistance to stress despite those terrible conditions. What he came up with in his studies was: ...
  • Focus on feeling beautiful, instead of looking beautiful!

    When you apply a natural approach to your beauty, you determine how you will feel about yourself. When you focus on looking beautiful, you ultimately give the outer opinion the power to determine how you feel about yourself.
  • Treat it like a Queen!

    "It’s important to find a routine that soothes and nurture one of our most important area. Every woman is different so we have to find our own way to take care of it. It can also take a long time to find it. It might change as we age and different hormonal stages enters so we need to be attentive for what it needs."

    - Kitty Chan

  • Habits... why is it so difficult to implement new habits nowadays?

    Especially new "good" habits. What are considered “bad” habits, seem much easier to absorb.
  • Platinum Awards WINNER!

    Loelle Hemp Seed Oil.
  • Coat your skin

    For many, colder weather means dryer skin. This is due to that the dry, cold air tries to balance itself by draining sources of humidity.
  • I'm on a detox.

    I'm on a detox. No I’m not cleansing myself out with green juices and sallads. I’m on a waste detox.
  • Oil Cleansing. How To Deep Clean With Oil

    I must admit that I have always heard of oil cleansing but it’s only recently that I have started to incorporate it into my skincare routine.
  • Let’s contour the face.

    One of the big beauty trends right now is the face tool Gua Sha. It’s a curved stone, often made by Jade or Rose Quartz, where you can use to massage the body and face to stimulate blood circulation and depuff any parts from fluids. Even though it’s a trend right now, Gua Sha has actually been around for centuries.
  • Thanks for your support again and again!

    Three months ago we launched the campaign to support Doctors Without Borders in their important work against covid-19. For each purchased Loelle pr...