Coat your skin

For many, colder weather means dryer skin. This is due to that the dry, cold air tries to balance itself by draining sources of humidity. Guess what, humans are walking sources of that. This is a very simple way of explaining why your skin might feel a bit dryer and tighter in colder climate. So, here are som tips on how you can adapt your skin care to be able to prevent loss of moist and radaince in colder climate.

Dry skin.
For anyone with dry skin type it is very important to start building up moisture depots during night time. This will have an impact on how your skin feels during the day. Mix a few drops of Loelle Argan Oil and Loelle Avocado oil.  
Why mix? Argan Oil has a smaller molecular structure and this means it will penetrate the skin easier and faster. When blended it pulls down the beneficial agents in the Avocado Oil deeper into skin. Avocado has a bigger molecular structure and so it will act as a protecting layer that stays more on top. This prevents moist loss as it seals skin , without clogging pores.
Discover the many benefits of Avocado Oil here.

Normal Skin.
To keep it balanced during colder times mix a few drops of Argan Oil with Almond Oil. Almond Oil can double as oil cleanser for thoruogh cleansing of your skin without drying it out. When mixed with Argan Oil you get a perfect blend that protects skin from drying out.

Oily Skin.
The blend of Argan Oil and Hemp Seed Oil can actually be recomended for any skin type. It is a nurturing super boost for the skin as Hemp Seed Oil contains the powerful anitoxidant Q10, which supports cell renewal. It also contains the fatty acid GLA ( gamma linoleic acid), whose antiinflammatory properties can have beneficial effects on break outs, eczema and psoriasis.
Omega 3 and 6 helps to build the skins own barrier protection.
The combination of argan- and hemseed oil is quickly absorbed by skin and does not leave a greasy surface. It helps to keep skin balanced without the over production of sebum.

Coat your skin gently and efficient in the cold. :)