Capturing Beauty


As creative manager for Loelle Organic Beauty I have one of the most fun jobs, in my own opinion. I get to constantly explore and challenge my ability to capture the different shades of "beauty". I find myself constantly talking to people about beauty and what it is and means. The topic is broad and so are the inputs. Beauty means so many different things at different stages in peoples lifes. It is not always about appereance. Ive noticed that it is always linked to mindset and what is going on  in a persons life.  Beautiful moments, memories, feelings, places.

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To appreciate and experience beauty is usually linked to how well we can  connect to our inner emotional life. For example; If I feel good about myself and who I am and feeling centered, I can realx and let my ego rest. When not being self occupied and in my ego I have more space in my mind to appriciate other beeings and be more empathic towards others. This makes it easier to discover the beauty in others. The beauty of diversity in looks and personalities. That is why I like the sentence "Beauty is power". A positive spiral starts to spin when we start liking ourselves and discover our own inner beauty and connect it to the choices we make. By accepting and appreciating myself it gets easier to commit to take care of my vessel (my body) and my spirit. They connect. This leads to finding myself making healthier and more suitable choices when buying food or skincare, for eaxmple. My body and me deserves to be taken care of and I'm in charge.  Just that is a beautiful and very empowering feeling. 

I surround myself with people that brings positive energy. That charges me to be able to give back that same positive energy. Reciprocity. This has been the case and the background story behind the many pictures I've taken for Loelle Organic Beauty. I work constantly with my phone so it all tends to happen very spontaniously. This was the case with the Picture series I call "Back to Romance". 

I had long been thinking of creating a series of pictures with a classic, romantic feeling. I love skin and its natural splendor, and as I work with skincare it is a very natural choice to show skin and not only the skin on the face but also the body. I wanted to create a feeling of nudity and inner comfort without turning it sexual, but rather sensual. When I photograf my models I always go for making them feel as comfy about themselves as I can. Only then can their inner beauty be seen and captured in photos. It is all about people feeling comfortable with who they are and how they look. It becomes so clear during a photoshoot. And I love the moment when the model all of a sudden relaxes and embraces their own beauty. Their whole appereance changes and it is very satisfying to be able to open up that door, allowing them to feel beautiful. If just for a moment. Cause if they have come in contact with it once I'm sure they can access that exponering feeling more easily in the future. 

This is exactly what happened in this case with Caroline. She is a dear friend of mine that has been through some challenges in her love life, leading her to feel less attractive and tearing on her self asteem. Her Italian genes comes with somehow nearer access to big feelings, that also means longing to come in contact with the beautiful ones such as love, passion, intimacy, closeness. We had been talking alot about our common longings for real and honest romantic connections, through the phone. While doing so i brought up the Idea of spending a weekend on the coutryside at my besties, Hans Fabian,  amazing home, a former church. This is a beutiful place with an atmosphere created with a lifetime of knowledge about artistry and self awereness when it comes to taste and elegance. It is situtated on the Swedish country side in the surroundings of the cute village of Älvkarleby. 

House Of Fabian is a dream come true for anyone interested in interior decor and design. Hans has created a filmic interior in the spaciuos rooms. When Caroline entered it was like she was in the perfect set to create the series that I had been creating in my head. Her features and the elegance of the interior was the perfect match! It was no surprise for none of them when I presented my idea as they know me very well. And so, on the second day we started playing around with  the natural daylight my mobile camera and some of my favorite romantic soundtracks from movies playing in the backround it all fell into place. No makeup  was actually used, there was no need. I wanted to keep it as clean and natural as the products I work with are. Once she felt comfortable and connected to her beauty the pictures where basically creating  themselves. Creativity was flowing and a blanket became a warming skirt and the antique cabinet and the morroccan carpet the perfect setting. She started to look like a classic painting. At one point she started to cry out of joy spill because she felt beautiful for the first time in a long while. Just that was very rewarding! We had managed to invoke the power of beauty and it manifestet  itself in its most natural way. 



That weekend is a beautiful memory that I got to share with beautiful people while creating something that I was going to use to communicate to the followers of Loelle Organic Beauty on social media. It was all a very exciting and inspiring meeting with real people having an honest exchange of thoughts of life. Beauty. 

Thank you for taking your time on reading about my Job and view on beauty. Thank you Caroline for letting me capture your beauty and publish them. Thank you Hans Fabian for opening your beautiful home. Discover House Of Phabian on Fb and on Instagram

 /Iván Valencia - creative manager for Loelle Organic Beauty