Conventional products were always at hand and somehow they were the norm. In retrospective I can understand why.

I am Kajsa and I do more at Loelle than appear on beauty shots on Instagram feed every now and then. Four years ago I moved  to Stockholm to take a diploma as organic skincare beautician. Ive always had a passion for skincare and makeup. Ever since I was a kid I loved exploring  my moms makeup. The various red lipsticks and eye shadows.

In my early teens I started to become interested in more organic food and natural skin care as slowly discovered the connection between what we choose to put in - and on the body. The pieces fell into place. 

Conventional products were always at hand and somehow they were the norm. In retrospective I can understand why.

When a cosmetic manufacturer uses ingredients such as residual products from the production of crude oil or synthetic fats like silicones, simply cheap raw materials, there's plenty  of budget left over for marketing. And that is exactly what caught my attention, as far as I can remember. Whether it is on glossy magazines, tv commercials, blogs, posters, they usually have something in common: beautiful, usually famous, women standing there, flirting with the camera. Of course I understood that there was messages being communicated , to pursue the beauty that could be achieved by purchasing  the cosmetic product that was being promoted.

I guess many of us (both women and men) at some point  have asked ourselves why wecover ourselves with various skin care products or put on a "mask" aka make-up. Many of us are taught to "look good" for  someone else, someone else's eyes. And at the same time, there's the ambition keep our skin healthy  and to smudge on that lipstick to feel hood about ourselves.

In a time when a lot of people identify and find self value in their professionals titles or material belongings, which have in common to be external, it is understandable that many of us sink in to conflict with ourselves and who we are and what we really need.

In parallel with my "becoming aware" of my my own value and my authentic needs, I have become painfully aware of how we humans produce and consume. Now that I've become aware of that conventional products often are harmful to the environment and our health, I ask myself why I should sponsor companies that mass produces them.

My ambitions and my dreams, to do good, drives me to work  with "green beauty".  To make even more people aware that there are more sustainable alternatives. It is spelled organic and natural. Also to enlight the multiuse that one single product can offer.  We do not need a skin care routine with ten different products á la K-beauty. Our planet can't simply afford it.

To top it all up, Loelle also works directly with women's cooperatives and other important projects. Personally, its a given that any production should be sustainable on all levels and three the complete production line. From the farmer harvesting the raw material to the consumer using the product.

From being a young teenage girl, constantly covering her face with great amounts of makeup I have now reached a point in my life where a genuine interest has emerged. An interest in really taking care of myself and this fragile planet we share - the former for my sake and the latter for everyone's sake.

I am now proud of being part of what I see as, the brighter side of beauty.