Focus on feeling beautiful, instead of looking beautiful!

New approach to beauty

The founder of Nordic Natural Beauty Awards, Satu Mäkinen, here hello! I’m really excited to share my perspective on a new approach to beauty with you here, because I know it really aligns with Loelle’s values about authentic beauty.


Focus on feeling beautiful, instead of looking beautiful

For quite a while now, I have been thinking about our societies’ sickening beauty standards, and the ways that they could be challenged. What I have realized is that instead of constantly modifying the standards, the needed change should come from the WAY we approach beauty in general. Let me give you one thought to think about; we can separate the approach to beauty into two different categories - focusing on LOOKING beautiful and focusing on FEELING beautiful.

 Firstly, there is an artificial way of approaching beauty that is all about using your efforts to LOOK beautiful. This is not only about changing your appearance with makeup and contouring, but it is also about the mindset that you have when you apply skincare with a hope of younger skin and when you hit the gym to show off your body.

 Then, there is a natural way of approaching beauty that is all about using your efforts to FEEL beautiful. It is about mental work to accept yourself as you are, and about using the products that you know are good for your skin and health. It is also about the clear conscience you get by using products that you know won’t harm nature - a part of your being.

 When you apply a natural approach to your beauty, you determine how you will feel about yourself. When you focus on looking beautiful, you ultimately give the outer opinion the power to determine how you feel about yourself.

 The motivational speaker Tony Robbins says, where focus goes, energy flows. So, if you focus on trying to LOOK beautiful, your energy flows to the looks - outside. This can make you feel really drained. If you focus on FEELING beautiful instead, your energy flows into your feelings - inwards. This means you store and renew the energy within you, which ultimately gives you more power to actually feel beautiful. If you have goals to feel different about yourself, it is important to realize where your focus goes. Do you focus on FEELING good, or on LOOKING good?

Tired of the never-ending marathon to the ‘ultimate beauty’, I started looking for products that would let me feel beautiful instead of chasing for better looks, and give me peace instead of stressing me out. As natural beauty products give us back a part of our being, a part of nature, they have the capability of making us feel at home with ourselves. I dare to say that there is nothing that could make you feel more beautiful than that.


Nordic Natural Beauty Awards

With these thoughts in mind, I built Nordic Natural Beauty Awards, to showcase the best natural beauty options available to anyone else looking for the same changes than myself. Being brought up in central Finland, surrounded by lakes and forests, I decided to add the Nordic approach to the awards - which is, in my opinion, one of the purest and most natural approaches there is.

 Traditionally, the Nordics have used nature's own gems as medicine and the approach to beauty has been more about FEELING beautiful. Known Nordic beauty treats are for example relaxing in a sauna to warm up from the cold and harsh weather and using nature’s countless ingredients to heal and nurture our bodies, internally and externally.

 The first edition of Nordic Natural Beauty Awards was celebrated successfully at the end of October 2020. To demonstrate the luxury that natural beauty really is for us Nordics, the jury of the awards was formed of 50 Nordic, internationally renowned stars from different fields, such as music, cinema, sports, and fashion - showing the way to the future of beauty.

You can find the list of all the winners, aka. the best Nordic natural cosmetics in 2020 on the awards’ website. To mention, Loelle Organic Beauty won the title of the Best Nordic Natural Face Oil in 2020 with their incredible Organic Barbary Fig Seed Oil, Face Oil.

If you are producing all-natural cosmetics in the Nordic countries, you can already apply to the second edition of the awards (2021). The early birds will receive additional attention, so stay tuned!

Learning about nature’s possibilities will definitely never stop. To make sure you get all the best tips, tricks, and possible giveaway gifts, remember to follow the awards on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Watch the live with Satu where she shares her view on beauty.