Habits... why is it so difficult to implement new habits nowadays?

Erika Skäre insta: @erikas_lilla_goda


Habits... why is it so difficult to implement new habits nowadays? Especially new "good" habits. What are considered “bad” habits, seem much easier to absorb. Why is it like that? It's easier to lie on the couch and munch on chips and drink beer than to go to the gym or plan a varied and nutritious diet. The humankind in general is lazy, but it's also very much about what society looks like now. In the past, when we lived without social media and external influences from all sides, there was not much more than our self-chosen habits to relate to. Those who fit into the lives we lived. The habits that our near ones influenced us to. Now we are fed with musts and demands from everywhere and many of the habits that we think we need, do not fit into our ordinary lives. It gets too much to handle. The consequence is that we fail and get sad because we can not live up to the demands that someone places on us. We do not have the strength to create all these new habits. But who is this someone? Is it you? Is it society that wants to make money on unattainable ideals? Is it the neighbour? Well, who knows... But what should we do then?! 

HOW should each of us be able to create at least one new habit of the good variety that lasts? The first thing you need to do is review what you CAN do. What does your life look like? What conditions do you have? Physical, mental, financial, environmental ... Make a small survey and get the big picture in front of you. On an ordinary piece of paper. Write down your pros and cons. The next step may be to find out what you WANT to do. What motivates you? Do you want to create a better skin care routine, start exercising or maybe cook a little bit better food? What patterns do you follow today? Maybe you can start from that. Add something to an already familiar handling. Because that's it; it is always easier to add than to subtract. 

Prohibitions and musts create negative emotions. Replace the word "must" with the word "want" or "need". Take one thing at a time and set small goals that you know you will achieve. Talk to people. If you have friends and family, tell them about your attempts to create new habits. You are guaranteed to inspire more. And who doesn’t want to be an influencer these days?! If you do not have friends and family to talk to, look up a group on Facebook with like-minded people. Dare to take the step. I usually think "what is the worst that can happen". The answer is often that I may fail and must start over. Good. Then I learn something. A gain in the loss. Nothing dangerous.

A new, effective, simple and organic skin care routine can consist of only one toner / hydrolat and one oil. Maybe a soap too, and you have it for the whole body. I'll help you if you need advice. The Loelle-crew is also here to assist. Do you want to be more active? Take three turns up and down the stairs at work or at home, park some distance away or get off the bus two stops earlier. Walk 500 meters and then back. Or 200 meters if that suits you better. Lend a dog, there are lots of people who need help with dog walks. Then maybe you get a friend at the same time, or maybe two. “Can't” cook? Add some carrot sticks to the purchased fast food, add half an apple to the loaf and hot chocolate. Add berries and honey to the natural yoghurt instead of choosing sweetened. The urge for sweets will slowly decrease when your body gets the fibres, omega fats and vitamins. New habits take time to implement. Let it take time. Be proud of the small steps. Fail and start over. Be kind to yourself. You are worth that. Set the lath low. Look at those who inspire you and ignore the others. Clean up your flows and create a social environment that you enjoy. It's entirely up to you. You're the boss. We are behind you. I am behind you. Trust the feeling of success. You will fix it! I don't say it's easy, but you can fix it. That's my promise to you. You will fall and get up again. Today is the day when you will start implementing that first new good habit.

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