Presenting our colleague and blogger Iván Valencia

I´m a man who likes beauty. In all it forms as long as it is benevolent, which in my opinion authentic beauty always is. To me, something beautiful is equally to something thats good. Its appealing. Positive. Then there are things in life that are dressed to look beautiful. But with knowledge and experience you fastly learn to differianciate authentic beauty from ”beauty”. In my brain this can be applied to everything. People, moments, job, making choices. People who are themselves and take care of themselves are authentic to me and thats beautiful. Authentic moments of joy and happiness shared with good friends, close ones and the love of your life, thats beautiful. A job that you like and keeps you motivated to continue growing, thats beautiful. Beauty is a holistic view of life to me. Beauty is a powerful mechanism that, when treated with humbleness and authenticity towards yourself, will allow you to find beauty in others, their personality features, their apparence and so on.

I’ve worked within ”Beauty” for over 10 years time now and I’ve tried and seen a lot. It didn’t take me very long before I got tired of the ”pursue for youth-part”. That part of the cosmetic industry that is so focused on capturing something as impossible to capture as youth. I’ve never seen that lead to anything else than an imbalanced view towards one self. There’s a very much more interesting side to beauty and aging, for me. It’s that part where we skip all the bull s**t and go directly to awareness of what is put on and in  the body´s largest organ, the skin. Because, lets get real, who has ever thought those super hyped, expensive jars with youth creams actually works? As a quick fix, yes. If they fixed the miracle of youth, as many brands want to let us believe since the foundation of Helena Rubinstein and Elizabeth Arden… Surgery and fillers wouldn’t exist probably.  Is it even interesting for me to look young at all cost?  No. What’s more interesting is to age with health. That means investing in myself and my body. Authentically. I am the one reading ingredient lists. Avoiding certain ingredients in food and skin care. I am that person. Im picky because I am very aware of the things that can go into my body also are going to have a direct impact on how I look and how I perform. A poor diet will give less focus and make our bodies start to decay faster than we already do. The minute we are born we are ”oxidating”. Thats a nicer word for decay, rot and so on haha. And off course, If I eat things containing anti-oxidants , vitamins, essential fatty acids from good sources, it will have a direct impact on my whole system and I will be recharged with good stuff and that will resonate on my skin. Its a chain reaction that we, ourselves, direct and manage. That’s the secret I think behind a beautiful skin, its a healthy one thats been taken care of holistically.

Because skin breathes, it also absorbs. How much it absorbs? We still haven’t found an answer. But we do know that pain relieving patches that are placed on skin works. Also that patches for people ending their smoking habits has an impact thru skin.  That must mean that the skin absorbs more than what we might think. With this knowledge in mind I do understand that every time I put something into my system , my body immediately wants to convert it into something useful for the system. So I need to choose well and wise to not burden my body with unnecessary stuff that can not be converted into something that I need to stay healthy and functioning well.

The world of cosmetics is a thriving forest that can be overwhelming to navigate, even for an experienced person who works in it. There’s so many new products being launched all the time and with new patent pending ingredients that speaks of youth and quick solutions. I choose simplicity. The less fuzz the more freedom to adapt my beauty routine to become what I want and need. But it has taken me time to get to that conclusion. For there was a a time when I did not appreciate a product that only consisted of one ingredient only, a cold pressed oil. I was convinced that a skin care product had to consist of several ingredients to actually do the job. With time I understood that thats not the case. That I was only paying money to companies so that they can dilute ingredients, prolong the shelf life by adding preservatives and actually not getting the very best for my skin. When I started looking at it more up close i realized that many skin care manufacturers, not all, actually wants to mimic the effects of agents derived from nature. And to maximize the revenues they mix and blend to achieve this. Not always does this benefit the consumer.

Today, working with Loelle as creative director and/or project manager, I realize that I’m now dealing with the very essence of skin care. The basics. The stuff we used to go for when we needed to take care of our skin, before mass production of cosmetics. Oils. The result of photosynthesis, life full of vitamins and essential fatty acids in various molecular structures. Some penetrate skin faster while others wont at all. Every aspect has advantages and disadvantages. But by learning and understanding the rich variety of the world of oils, the possibilities to achieve a resilient and well nurtured skin all of a sudden is at your reach. The chances then of wearing a radiant, smooth and even skin can be seen as a major bonus and a result of successfully taking good care of yourself.

What I’m trying to explain is simply that ”a more youthful look” comes as a bonus when you choose with awareness and should not be the goal in itself. There is absolutely nothing more BEAUTIFUL than embracing your life and age while treating yourself with authentic care of your system.

You will turn into an unique kind of beautiful. Not a replica of trends.



/Iván Valencia