I'm on a detox.

I'm on a detox. No I’m not cleansing myself out with green juices and sallads. I’m on a waste detox. After many years as a beauty fanatic I realise that my routine created a lot of waste. Plastic bottles, razorblades with plastic around it, cotton pads and so on. Yes I try to use products with eco friendly ingredients but if I still create huge amount of waste it’s still not a good routine for the environment. That’s why I’ve been cleansing out my bathroom cabinet of unnecessary waste and replaced it with products that are more suitable for my detox. The beauty industry it’s trying to do better when it comes to packaging and waste. It’s not perfect but it’s on it’s way. Here are some of my replacements.

Cotton pads
One of my big waste products is cotton pads. I use I lot of cotton pads. For eye makeup, toner and acids etc. Some days I end up using 5-6 cotton pads. The trash bin wasn’t a pretty sight and I quickly realised I have to change my cotton pad addiction. I found reusable cotton pads. I have two different materials, one is made of bambu and the other is made of towelling. I use it the same way as traditional pads but instead of tossing it into the bin you put it in the washing machine and then the dryer, as good as new for the next use. Huge plus is the softness of the pads. You might find that you will burn through more product because the pads absorb more liquid so when you use the pad have that in mind and use less then you would like. Yes, you have to pay a lot more once but it will pay back. Your wallet and mother earth will thank you in the long term.

When I think of razors I feel cheated. The conventional razor you find in the drugstore are made of plastic. Even the razorblades have a lot of plastic around it. It’s because the companies want you to stick to their products. But the thing is that it’s such a waste in terms of resources and money. Razorblades are almost impossible to recycle due to the intricate design when they combine plastic and steel. It’s so hard to retract the plastic from the blade and that means that you can’t recycle it as steel nor as plastic. The other downside is the cost. A pack of blades are expensive if you compare to the simple blades. 3 packs of conventional razorblades is almost 200 SEK but you can get a 10 pack ”simple” blades for 25 SEK. And the quality of these ”simple” blades are so good! And the razor is so beautiful. Mine is made by steel in rose gold color and it comes with a cute cotton bag. What’s not to like?

In the last few years mooncups popularity has risen sky-high. This little cup made in silicone has been around for a while but it’s not until recently women around world got their eyes on this genius invention. Tampons and sanitary towels is an one time use only product that creates huge waste in the world. Tampons can also create bad environment in the intimate area that makes the vagina dry. One cup can last up to 10 years if you take care of it. Make sure to clean it properly after each use. I had my first cup for almost 7 years and it finally broke so I got myself a new one a couple of months ago. I think it’s also a way to learn about your menstrual cycle. You see how much your flow is and how it looks. Makes period a very natural and normal thing. I’ve learned a lot about my cycle since my first cup.

Soap bars
My new love is soap bars. I’ts an easy, beautiful, long lasting and low waste way to clean yourself. All these plastic bottles can be eliminated when you change your routine from liquid to bar. I remember my mum used to clean her face with a face bar back in the 80’s. Due to trends, bars have been out of the radar for a while. But it’s back!! In all shapes and forms. Not only for body and face, you can also clean and condition your hair with it. There’s even body lotion in bar form. For me it’s so satisfying to have less to recycle. Since my newly discover of bars and I don’t have to repurchase a new shampoo och body wash as often as I used to. One shampoo bar can last up to six months. Traveling is also easier because i don’t have to think about the limits of liquids when I board a plane. Also there’s no leakage - it’s solid! Loelle has a wide range of solid soap. Everything from basic but beautiful soaps to a luxurious black soap that creates a wonderful soft foam. It gives you a first class sensory experience.

There are so many other ways to detox your waste. I often find that if you detox your waste you also save some money. The less packaging goes into a product the less you have to pay. Win win. Your wallet will thank you but mostly mother earth will be a happier woman. It’s our responsibility to make sure that we use the resources in a right way. In the end we are borrowing this place and it’s resources from the future citizens. I want to make sure that my niece can enjoy the world like I’m doing.