It’s July and it’s official, summer is finally here! I’ve waited and longed for this favourite season for a long time.

It’s July and it’s official, summer is finally here! I’ve waited and longed for this favourite season for a long time. Here in Sweden we have a gruelling winter season. With months of almost no sunlight and a lot of cold winds running through our body. We swedes just wants to run out to have a date with the sun as soon as the temperature shows on the plus side. We want to rip up our clothes and release the body from the layers of protection. Instead we dress ourself in shorts, dresses, tank tops, swimsuits and bikinis. Although it’s wonderful to let the skin breathe in its true nature, it can cause insecurities. Nowhere to hide, no big jacket to protect, nothing to cover up with. That’s the thing, to be your true self is scary. It’s about every part of us. Body, face, personality, moral and values. What if your true nature is not accepted? What if you get rejected?

For example skin tone. My parents are from Hong Kong and the beauty standards in Asia is to be fair or white. The white norm. It used to be a an upper class sign where the fair skin means that you didn’t have labouring work. The dark skinned people are the ones who worked in the fields where they were hit by the sun. Even though the modern society is industrial and more developed, the beauty standards live on.

I’m a medium skin toned woman. Never been fair skinned and will never be due to my natural complexion. I’ve got so many comments from family friends and relatives about my tone. ”You’re so dark!”, ”You have freckles”, ”Be careful with the sun so you don’t get darker”.

Everywhere you look, whether it’s tv, youtube, advertisement or movie you see asian girls with very light skin. All the make up in South East Asia is catered to fair skin with only 2 or 3 shades to choose from. The skin care industry goes even further to provide skin lightening products with ingredients that are questionable to our health. During a trip in Japan I went to a department store and a saleswoman approached me and asked if I wanted to get rid of my freckles. I said I wasn’t interested. She looked at me with a clueless look and didn’t understand at all. Even though I wasn’t concerned with my freckles or skin tone I was left with hurt feelings.

I do protect my skin from the sun because I don’t want to get burned or get skin diseases like skin cancer. But if my skins natural state is to be a little bit darker and prone to freckles, shouldn’t I embrace that? I try to apply this state of mind to every part of me. It’s hard when you want to fit in, be liked, be loved and accepted. I’ve struggled with that for most of my life, to be someone lovable and likeable by other people. But the more I tune in to my real self I attract people and situations that fits me and the way I am.

So this summer I will embrace my skin with bare minimal just to show my summer glow off. I will replace my moisturiser with a face oil and the seal it with a mist. A combo of dewiness and freshness. In this way I can get rid of heavy moisturisers, my skin can breathe the summer heat and let the oil and mist give me both moisture and hydration.

To celebrate summer I choose Raspberry seed oil. It brings my mind to sunny summer days in my balcony where I indulge huge amounts of fresh juicy raspberries. But it also work as a brilliant anti-age product. It contains omega 3 fatty acids so it restore the skin and also calms it. That brings the deep moisture you need but in a lightweight form.

To seal it in I give myself a couple of spritz of Rose Water. The smell takes you to a fully bloomed garden filled with beautiful roses. Rose water has a great ability to give hydration and gives your skin a correct ph-level.

Just in case you get too much time in the sun, this combo can ease and calm the skin from irritation from the sun.