Let’s contour the face.

One of the big beauty trends right now is the face tool Gua Sha. It’s a curved stone, often made by Jade or Rose Quartz, where you can use to massage the body and face to stimulate blood circulation and depuff any parts from fluids. Even though it’s a trend right now, Gua Sha has actually been around for centuries. It’s a loved beauty tool but it also works for medicinal purposes. Stimulate circulation, provide a good flow in the body to let chi/good energy to run freely. In China you can go to certain Gua Sha parlours to get treatments on your body and face. Many women in China have a Gua Sha tool at home just in case of any puffiness occurs and you need to release it quickly, like after lack of sleep or if you cried and your eyes are swollen.

I do my Gua Sha routine almost every morning. It’s a great way to wake up the skin and also contour the face. This natural contour is gentle, calming and also filled with love. No contour stick in the world can replace that. After my morning cleanse and serum, I press some favourite face oil on my face. Right now I’m in love with Loelle’s Rosehip Oil. The texture is light and rich at the same time. Rich in moisture and light on the skin. The floral scent is a huge plus, like aromatherapy. After the oil I do the Gua Sha routine. You can put on some moisturiser if you need it but in the summer I barely need any. Just some sunscreen and then I’m good to go. The face will glow and also appears more rosy cause it just got some amazing blood flow, a natural blush, highlighter and contour in one go. 

But if you don’t have time in the morning you can do it in the evening. The massage of the pressure points calms you down right before bedtime. Temples, jawline and between the brows are points in the face that can cumulate a lot of tension and stress. You can soothe headaches with Gua Sha. Swipe the tool through those places and you will feel the stress release. There are so many benefits to explore. 

In my tutorial are some suggestions that you can try. Some guidelines are gentle pressure, flat tool and don’t drag the skin. I really hope you like this chinese beauty secret.