This obsession with female youth in the society is very connected with the men’s view on us. We’ve been told that we should be pretty for the boys and desirable for the men.

My name is Kitty Chan and I’m so happy to be a part of Loelles beauty squad. I will talk and write about clean beauty, empowerment, environment and my view at female beauty. I currently live in Stockholm, Sweden with my fiancé Jonas. I work as a musical performer and I’ve done it for 16 years.

My passion is movement and mindfulness. I love to move and I try to move in different kind of ways. It can be dancing, yoga, lifting, walking and so on. The feeling afterwards is addictive. You feel good about yourself and your body is doing something that it’s suppose to. I’m 38 and I realise that my body image is at a turning point. When I was younger I just wanted to be skinny. That was the ideal for dancer and that was desirable. I couldn’t appreciate my body because I thought it wasn’t beautiful. As I’m getting older and I look back at my younger self I can’t understand why I didn’t like my body. I looked great and my body performed at a high level and was so strong. Today I thank my body for what it’s done in the past, giving me all the opportunities to enjoy movement, but I thank my body for the strength it has right now. I’m strong and before I took it for granted but now I’m proud for what I can do with it. Ageing is not that bad, I’m wiser due to life experiences that I gained and I look at life differently.

BUT age signs on my face is still very sensitive for me. I’m not totally at peace with getting older in my face. I know that everybody gets older, circle of life. But somehow I thought that it would skip me. Don’t ask me why, it’s not rational at all, I’m aware of it. I think that my job contributes to this stress about my looks. Showbiz is very obsessed about youth. Especially female youth. So approaching 40 is a process and I’m constantly tuning in with my mind, view and attitude towards it. How can I age with grace? Can I wear my lines with pride? And how?

This obsession with female youth in the society is very connected with the men’s view on us. We’ve been told that we should be pretty for the boys and desirable for the men. That’s how we are valued and find our position and status in the hierarchy of the society. Who am I doing make up for? Why do I want to be pretty? I think beauty can be so empowering. Sometimes I put on a lipstick just to feel powerful. Like a power suit. Or a nice smelling body oil just to feel awake and fresh. Like a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice that gives you energy and boost. But at the same time I can find beauty be weakening. The beauty industry tends to reproduce same beauty image over and over again. ”A kissable pout” and ”a sexy smokey eye” are examples of how the industry describes their products. We do make up to lure someone else, often men due to patriarchal structures that we live in. That’s not why I love beauty. It’s to feel good and to express something from within. Power, softness, vulnerability and playful is something that I want to feel and express with my beauty routine. A playful scent, powerful eyes and a soft highlight is something that reflect my inner being. Not to please any one else. It’s just for me. My relationship with skincare started early. I remember when I was 10 my mum gave me my first jar of moisturiser. I felt like a grown up. I grew up watching my mum, grandma and aunts doing their skincare routine. My family are from Hong Kong and as many asian women my mum have a rigorous routine. It involves a lot of products and steps. Toner, serum, eye cream, face cream, sun screen and so on. So skincare runs in my blood and I breathe it like air. Even during my years at dance school, when I had no money, I made sure I could afford my products. It was that important. When I went out into the professional world and started doing  performances it was even more important. My job involves ALOT of makeup and we are not only talking about normal makeup like foundations, eyeshadows, powders etc etc. Sometimes it involves theatre makeup that is oil based, like when you have to play a cat or some other non human creature. That stuff cloggs your pores like crazy. On top of that, you sweat a lot and you work in an environment that is dry, dusty and the spotlight is harsh. So my demands on skincare is no joke. I need high performance products that takes off tons of make up and help me to restore my skin.

But it was not until 2011 I opened up to clean beauty. Before that I didn’t even knew what clean beauty was and I never questioned conventional beauty at all. I never read the ingredients at the back of the packaging and it never hit me to read it. From the first moment that a dear friend introduced me to clean beauty and convinced me why I should change my products to clean and organic, I knew that it would be game changing for me. It’s an eco system. What we choose to put on our skin affects our health and the health of the planet. Like food, I choose food that will give me fuel to perform as I want. Good food=good fuel=good performance. Easy equation. The same with skincare. So I don’t want any iffy ingrediens that may hurt me or the climate.

I actually don’t remember my first Loelle product but I have an amazing memory of a trip with Loelle’s trial pack. Last year me and my fiancé decided to not fly for at least a year. We wanted to contribute to a better climate but we still wanted to explore the world. So we decided to go by inter rail in Europe. With a lot of travel hours and changing of locations meant lightweight packing because we only had a backpack each. After some research (yes, I do research when I buy skincare, I’m a true nerd) I decided to go for the ”Oil Family” which contains four mini sizes of their most popular oils. That pack worked as my makeup remover, moisturiser and intimate care during our two weeks of travel. That’s multitasking realness and the reason I love oils. You can use it in so many ways and you don’t have to worry about the ingredients. It’s minimalistic and clean.

That’s a little bit about me. I’m happy that you choose to read about my life and approach to self care. I hope that you want to continue to follow my journey to all the good stuff in life, nature, beauty and my experience with Loelle’s products. Tack och unna dig! (”Thank you and enjoy” in swedish)