Oil Cleansing. How To Deep Clean With Oil

I must admit that I have always heard of oil cleansing but it’s only recently that I have started to incorporate it into my skincare routine.

Oil cleansing for the newbies is a way of extracting dirt and oil from the skin without over drying the skin. It cleans and softens and balances the oil in the face, so you can use it on oily skin. Depending on the type of oil you use it can help to skin irritation, heal acne and melt off stubborn makeup like waterproof mascara or liquid lipsticks. Which leads me to the types of oils you can use for cleaning. The most popular range from olive oil, castor, sweet almond, avocado, argan, jojoba oil, and a few more. All of these oils have multiple benefits, but in order of my faves, I stick with sunflower seed oil, argan and almond oil. Each oil can be used to clean your skin and can also be used on many other parts of the body.

Before I tell you about the benefits of oil cleansing, please take note of the following before starting:

You only need a few drops of the oil.
It’s oil. Too much oil can clog pores instead of unclogging them and deep cleansing the skin.

Keep The skin wet.
I suggest oil cleansing in the shower or using a steamer. You want your skin to be damp and the pores are open. When you do this, you are making sure that there is no friction. Friction while cleaning is not good because it tugs at the skin and causes more damage than good.

1 - 2 Minutes of cleaning.
What you will want to do is actually massage the oil into the face for a minimum of 1 minute. You can do these for up to 5 minutes or more if you choose. If you go over 5 minutes keep your face wet by misting with one of the hydrolats or keep the steamer on your face so the pores stay open and the oils serve their purpose.

The goal is to massage the face.
Massage outward and upward. Remember gravity pulls us down so you want to lift the skin up and give it life:-)

Rinse with lukewarm water.
After you have cleaned your face, neck and behind the ears, make sure you rinse with lukewarm to cold water until the oil is emulsified. Once it is emulsified, your face will feel soft and refreshed. The key thing to remember is that cooler water adds a glow to the skin and closes the pores quicker than warm water.

Pat or air dry your face and do not apply any more products.
I suggest this because additional moisturizers, oils or serums can take away the good that you just put in. I normally oil cleanse at night because there is always a bit of oil left on my face and I want it to really continue working its magic. Unless I am going outside for the day, I will apply sunscreen, otherwise, I just head to bed.

Now remember, oil cleansing can be used on all skin types so think about these questions if you are reluctant to try.
Do you have oily skin? No. Cool. use it to put oil back into the skin.
Is your skin dry in one area and oily in the next? Cool, use it to balance both so the skin appears and feels normal.
Don’t have acne but can feel pollutants in the air latching on? Alright, clean it off.
Get my drift? That is literally how oil cleansing works.

After becoming totally obsessed with oil cleansing I continue to read about the benefits and try different oils every 4 weeks to see how my skin reacts. Granted there are oils that my face doesn’t agree with but my body and hair does which is crazy but hey, different parts of the body like and prefer different things. It’s a no brainer to that statement. Give oil cleansing a try and let me know how it works for you.