Skincare – a tribute to women who paved the way for me

My love for skincare is inherited from my mom and grandma. I still have vivid pictures of my grandma, at that time a bit over 70 years old, testing out a moisturizer at a fancy department store in Hong Kong and my mom standing next to her giving her some opinions. I remember I was fascinated by their total concentration and also the connection between these women during that task. How my grandma smiled when the saleswoman massaged the moisturizer on her hand. I saw a total zen moment. It ended up with my mom buying a skincare kit for grandma as a gift. Grandma had light in her eyes that whole day and I saw the anticipation for the upcoming night routine.

These two women are my role models in many ways. Both strong and following their inner voice no matter what other people said. They had heavy labour work that tore down body and soul. My grandma raised 6 children and worked at her own convenience store. Carried heavy goods, worked long hours and also took care of 6 children. Thanks to her hard work and thrift she managed to help my mom start her own business in Sweden. She lend my parents some money just to start up their first restaurant which was so important for both of them to get a plattform to build on and thrive. Not only that, she gave my mom full trust and encouragement, everything you want from a mom to keep on going and fighting.

My mom and dad immigrated to Sweden in the mid 70’s. Worked many years in different restaurants and factories. But after some long time savings and help from my grandma and granddad they opened their own restaurant in 1987. They worked hard, as many emigrants do, 7 days a week and many hours a day. My mom worked in the kitchen and that place is like a battleground. You need a strong physique and mind to be able to labor day in and day out. The kitchen is traditionally a place for men, but my mom conquered that place with poise due to her toughness, intelligence and multitasking skills. To be honest she kicked a lot of men’s ass in the kitchen, she’s a badass. After work she came home and took care of me and my younger brother with patience and love. When I knew which way I wanted to go after high school my mom supported me with everything she had. She drove me to audition, she comforted me, she cooked me awesome food so I got good nutrition to perform, helped me financially but most of all she showed me that it’s ok to go your own way by being a great role model. She’ve done so much stuff outside the Chinese norm. But regardless she followed her heart and gut. Without her I wouldn’t be able to get so much strength and also the comfort that I have right now.

Both of them were warriors at their work and also for their children. Gave everything to everybody all the time. But they were meticulous of their own self care time. In the morning and night they both took took to take care of themselves. Skincare is self care. And to be able to give to someone else you need to give yourself some TLC. They didn’t put on make up because they didn’t have time for that, instead they put all that energy on pampering their skin. That philosophy is stuck with me and grew on me more and more. It’s not about vanity it’s about love for yourself.  I’m lucky that I’m in a trail of great strong women. Especially as a woman with south east asian descent in a western world that lacks diversity I really needed someone to look up to. Both of them paved the way for me to walk on and without them I don’t know if I would be where I am today. I got some damn good genes from both of them (grandma is 99 years old!!!!) with a strong physique and strength. But also the courage to follow the heart and gut even though it’s not mainstream, this is something I pursue and aim for everyday. So every time I get myself some self care time I think of them. My love for skincare comes from them, we got that in common and it warms my heart.

One of the best things about Loelle is it’s a brand for women by women. The fact that the Argan oil is handmade by a women’s cooperative in Morocco makes me both grateful and filled with awareness. Grateful that Loelle choose to make sure that women in Morocco have a workplace that’s safe and a huge plus that young girls can get education and space to develop. For me as a consumer I get a product that is high quality and pure. My favourite is ”Argan Oil with Grapefruit Oil”. Not only do I get an oil that’s lightweight, full of Vitamin-E and vegan, it has fresh juicy scent of grapefruit. I use it as a body oil. Right after my shower I swipe my body with oil and then dry myself with a towel. I’m left with a smooth moisturised skin and I feel energized thanks to the citrusy scent. By choosing the right kind of product I’ll make sure that women around the world can have more support in their life.

Thank you grandma and mom for all the strength you’ve given me just by being your true self. But I also want say thank you to all the women/sisters who also paved a way for me just by being awesome and authentic. Friends, mentors and colleagues, you empower me and I cherish that from the bottom of my heart.