Summer Essentials!

Summer has arrived with its full capacity and we all are loving it!

That also means that the moment has arrived to discover new ways of benefitting from your Loelle favorites so we listed some of them under the label, Summer Essentials. Following we ”spill the beans” on how you can use them to get the most out of summer! :)

Lets start off with our super popular floral waters, Rose & Neroli.
We've all found a favorite in either of them. I mean, who does not like the refreshing scent of Damascena Rose on a warm summers day? Or the feeling of walking down an orange grove when you are spraying on the very essence of the flower from the bitter orange? They truly are authentic scents of summer. Did you know that Neroli is named after the princess of Neroli? It was her preferred flower. Loelle floral waters act refreshing and moisturizing whenever you need it in the sun. Can even be sprayed on makeup and even on hair to enhance curls. Remember that sun exposure is like toasting bread! :) It leads directly to loss of moist so it is a great advantage to have your floral water with you at all times to feel refreshed all over and to be able to add that micro dose of moist.

Prevent and lighten up!
Summer not only arrives with all it´s beautiful features. It also arrives with some skin issues such as dark spots on skin. Anyone who has deveploed dark spots on skin knows that they peak in summer.  Dark spots on skin happends in the deeper layers, where our body starts to produce melanin, the protecting shield that we call sunt tan (not same as sun burn)! As soon as skin gets hit by sun rays a signal goes to our brain and skin starts to prepare  against sun damage. However, this process is slow and more often we get to the beach faster than that and so we tend to burden skin before it is ready. Imbalance happens and dark spots appear! Do remember that dark spots on skin can be caused by various reasons but it does not get better by exposing skin to sunlight. This is where the benefits of Loelle Carrot Seed Oil comes in handy. :)

Loelle Carrot Seed Oil contains vitamin A in abundance! It strengthens skin and prepares it for sun exposure. So start using carrot seed oil as fast as sunbathing is going to happen in a near future. At least a week before you head to the beach you should start strenghten skin with this super product.

Carrots carry antioxidant properties and are rich in beta-carotene and other carotenoids, such as lycopene, could improve your skins protection against UV rays. This makes carrots the best source of carotenoids, so start eating carrots! :) Other food sources to look at that have beneficial aspects when going to expose skin in sun: sweet potatoes, pumpkins, spinach, squash, broccoli, mangos, apricots, kale, peas, tomatoes and melon.



Carrot Seed Oil has mild skin lightening effects and is therefore suitable to use directly on dark spots. Use daily on clean skin and avoid sun light to prevent counteraction. When using it continuously before and after sunbathes you will see a visible reduction of wrinkles and dark spots. Do not forget to use on hands, they are exposed all year at all times.

Another of our super oils is Loelle Raspberry Seed Oil. When getting skin crispy toasted in the sun an inflammation takes place. Sun burns are acutally inflammated skin. Inflammations need to be calmed down to be able to repare and regenerate. Thats where this super oil comes in handy. You might have read of Raspberry Seed Oil being used as a sun screen due to its ability to block some of the suns harmful UV rays. Loelle does not recommend it as sole UV shield becasue it is simply not that strong. But you can combine it with your exsisting spf to make it excell. The anti-inflammatory agents in Raspberry Seed Oil makes it a perfect companion to prevent sun burns. So in summertime make sure to spoil yourself by using this super oil all over body. For anyone with skin problems, such as psoriasis, rosacea or eczema, this oil is a must have. It helps soothing symptoms of previously mentioned conditions.

The very high content of phytosterols prevents trans-epidermal water loss, thereby it helps skin to be kept moist. This is crucial if you want  that beautiful sun tan to stay golden until summer has ended, without scaling the skin. Scaling skin means that you toasted for to long and to fast so that all moist went lost and the only way to save your body now is to simply scale of the dead skin to renew it. That means that you have damaged your skin and the true damages may not bee visible to you at first, but you might see them first in 5-10 years time, as dark spots or other nasty skin problems. If you have the slightest sympotms of sun burn make sure to use plenty of Loelle Rasberry Seed oil. It has high content of vitamin E and alpha linoleic acid – an essential fatty acid. Both of them acting antioxidant and skin regenerating. In other words anti-aging and restoring.

The skin nerd will combine Raspberry Seed Oil with Carrot Seed Oil to be well prepared during summer!

Let your hair loose ”au naturel”!
Plunging into salt water or clear, turquise pool water is a challenge for hair. Especially if you have long hair. Warm summer days heading towards cooling baths does not leave a lot of options when styling your hair. So why not make the most of an all natural look, enhancing luster and softness? Loelle Argan Vanilla and Argan Grapefruit are perfect for this.

After washing your hair and using your conditioner (can also be used instead of conditioner) and rinsing and all of that, put a small amount of your preferred scented argan oil in the palm of your hand and massage it thoroughly into hair lenghts. Then rinse off while combing or brushing hair. Towel dry very gently and then let it air dry. You will immediatly feel softness and see luster and body being enhanced in the sun. Now your hair is prepared for the challenges that it can be exposed towards when summer baths are about to happen. If needed you can add a very small amount of your oil whenever you feel that hair needs it. It will help it to stay moist and full of luster.

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For summer we do promote the refreshing scent of grapefruit, it is simply equal to summer! :)
Hope you liked this post and we hope that you will try at least one or two of the tips and tricks.

Stay well!