Sun Tanning Is Not For Everyone

A lot of men and women during the summer months (or all year round if you live in sunny states and countries) lay out in the sun (with 1 or 2 pieces of small clothing) in hopes of having a darker skin complexion and honestly I am not sure why. For too long writers of non-people of color beauty and lifestyle magazines and online publications target readers who are also not of color to strategically influence them to purchase products and sit in the sun to "bronze or tan" their fair skin to become darker. Which is crazy considering in those very same publications other articles tell their readers to be comfortable in their own bodies. Here's the catch, although having sun kissed and or "bronzed" skin is considered deserable it can definitely be dangerously harmful to your skin and health.

If you have been paying attenion to how the world is changing then you have visually seen and felt the intensity of the sun as it beams down and guess what? We are definitely to blame for this. The daily activities we have become accustomed to are causing pollutants to be released into the atomosphere. Its the unnecessary yet so convenient aerosol spray bottles that release gas, the constant buring of coals, oils, and natural gases that that generate electricity and helps our cars go vroom vroom. All of which are thinning of the protective barrier. We need that barrier to shield us from the harmful solar radiation that will not only darken your skin but burn and damage it from the outside to the inside.

Even though you and many others including myself are taking in this information, I know that you are not going to listen and risk your skin's health all to get a "sun kissed, bronze or darker" skin complexion. But before you do please take some precautions. The first precaution would be to always use a SPF of no less than 30, 30 minutes before you plan to be outdoors. Reapply sunscreen every 2 hours especially if you plan to sit outside. Granted sunscreen doesn't actually block the sun but it's less intense and causes less damage. The second thing I know how you would love to put oils on to get darker even more but please put the oils on first then the sunscreeen. Oils that work as natural sunscreens include avocado oil that has a SPF of 4-10, almond oil has an SPF of 5, and hemp seed oil has an SPF of 6. All of these oils can also be found right here on Loelle Organic's website. The last thing is always stay hydrated internatlly and exteranlly. Keep water on you to both spray your body to cool you down (if you don't want to get into the beach water) and to fuel your body by drinking lots of water.

Let's face it, the ozone layer is steadily deminishing because of the care we have not given to the earth and yes it is quicker and easier to get a sun tan but always take precautions. Understand that the intensity of the sun and the long-lasting effects of the uv rays on your skin just might not be worth it.