• Sun Tanning Is Not For Everyone

    I love the sun but it can cause major damage.
  • Summer Essentials!

    Summer has arrived with its full capacity and we all are loving it!
    That also means that the moment has arrived to discover new ways of benefitting from your Loelle favorites so we listed some of them under the label, Summer Essentials. Following we ”spill the beans” on how you can use them to get the most out of summer! :)

  • The perfect moisturizer?

    So the real question is: do we actually need moisturizers consisting of gazillion ingredients that have been cooked and cooled in different phases and costed alot of energy to manufacture?

  • Using natural/organic oil such as Jojoba Oil, can do miracles for your genital area.

    The majority of women have at some point in their lives inbalances, yeast infections and/or dryness in their genital area. Dry mucous membranes ca...