The perfect moisturizer?

Skincare creams might be one of the most demanded cosmetic products. They are often sold in 50 ml jars at very high prices. But what is it about creams that we like so much? It might be the fact that a cream is based on an emulsion consisting of water mixed with oil. Yes, thats exactly what an emulsion is. Water and oil usually dont mix. But by mixing them in the right amounts and with the right temperatures and whisking them alot, you can obtain an emulsion.

Emulsions comes in various forms and one of the most famous ones is acutally milk, consisting of fat and water mixed into what we know as milk. Another one, that is easier to make at home is mayonaise.  An emulsion is simply a mix of fat and moist that are whipped until they blend. Fat and moist, the two components are needed to keep your skin perfectky moisturized and in optimal health.

This might sound easy to create but its actually a bit more complicated. When water comes into the picture it gets a bit more challenging to massproduce creams due to that bacteria and mold thrives in  humidity. They can not survive in only fat based products hence some oils can be used to combat fungus on skin. So to obtain maximum shelf life in stores, mass produced creams, need to be produced with preservatives that act anit-bacterial and anti-fungus.  And so the ingredient list of a cream starts to get longer and longer and more challenging to manufacture.

Producing a big batch of skincare cream takes alot of energy due to that it needs alot of whipping to obtain the right consitency. The ingredients also, usually, need to be heated and cooled in different phases, sometimes compromising the nurturing agents in natural oils.

So the real question is: do we actually need moisturizers consisting of gazillion ingredients that have been cooked and cooled in different phases and costed alot of energy to manufacture?

The honest answer is: No.

The less you fuzz with your skins own microbes and mechanisms, by avoiding wierd ingredients, the more resilient your skin gets.

The perfect moisturizer is actually the one that our body produces itself: sebum. The bodys sebum production can at times get unbalanced and overproduce or the opposite. When inbalance happens it is important to look at what caused it instead of trying to fight the symptom. For example, a skin that overproduces sebum and acts oily might be the cause of that skin acutally is dry and crying for fatty acids in food. It is basically compensating for something that is lacking. Logically we should then provide skin with more moist or fatty acids in form of oils rich in them but the most common way to treat that concern is to use ”oil free” products that dries skin even more, and the negative spiral becomes a ”skin problem”.

This might sound strange but, sweat is actually one of the best moist binders for skin. It consists of salty minerals that prevents moist loss. But because we clean skin daily and strip it of its own , natural moisturizer, due to our modern lifestyle we need to add some to keep skin in good condition.

Luckily there are ways to provide your skin with both moist and fat without compromising the pure and natural ingredients and without challenging your skins own mechanisms.

Create your own  mositurizing emulsion in the palm of your hand in three easy steps with Loelle Organic Beauty.

Step one: After cleaning your face/body and on clean hands, spray Loelle Rose- or Neroli Water into palm of your hand.


Step two: Add a small amount of your preferred Loelle Oil. Migh we suggest Argan Oil?


Step three: Rubb hand gently together to add friction so that they can blend and turn into a milky emulsion.


Voila! By mixing these two components from Loelle you will obtain an natural, organic, self made, clean, nurturing and moisturizing emulsion customized  for your skin.

This is something that you can do instantly every time you wash your face and/or body and it is the equivalent of those creams and lotions that might have been stored and standing on shelves for ”god knows how long”.  You will be amazed by how easy it is and by how soft and silky your skin will feel when you apply your self made emulsion.