Treat it like a Queen!

First of all I have to declare that I’m by no means a gynecologist. But I have a vagina and had it for almost 40 years. It’s personal. Sometimes it gives you pleasure and sometimes it gives you pain. At times it can make you feel powerful and at times it might make you feel uncomfortable. It’s a source of life, we’ve all been in the womb. Still we use the vagina as a curse. ”Don’t be a pussy!”
and ”You c*nt” are some examples of foul expressions we use to
dishonour another person. The Swedish word for pubic bone is
”Blygdben”. ”Blygd” actually means shame, in other words it
means that I have a bone of shame.

Well I have something to tell you, I don’t have a bone of shame. I have a bone of power. The vagina can carry life. It’s a complex organ that we all should respect. We should treat it like a queen. Learning more about this intimate part will not only give you knowledge but also a better connection with it. It’s like yin and
yang at the same time. Yang stands for power. The vagina is so powerful that it can go through labour and also recover from it. Yin stands for softness. It’s delicate and need gentle handling to make it balanced. Because it’s so easy to put it out of balance. Synthetic underwear, bad diet, harsh soaps, hormonal contraceptives and chemically bleached menstrual pads and tampons. Too much of or a wrong choice can cause  imbalance. Dryness, itching and yeast
infection are signs of a distressed vagina.

It’s important to find a routine that soothes and nurture one of our most important area. Every woman is different so we have to find our own way to take care of it. It can also take a long time to find it. It might change as we age and different hormonal stages enters so we need to be attentive for what it needs. One of my dearest friends and I talk a lot about the vagina. How we take care of it and what works for us. We give each other some advice as well. I love that. That we are able to talk about such intimate parts and we want the other to feel the best down there as well. That’s love. She’s the one who taught me about the relationship between sugar and yeast infection. Yeast infection is fungus. This type of fungus loves sugar and needs it to grow bigger. Less sugar and more alkaline food, like green veggies and lemon water, can reduce the symptoms and in the end eliminate the infection. The fungus also loves humidity.

To avoid unnecessary humidity we should choose our clothing with care. Avoid synthetic fabric when you choose underwear and leggings. These materials don’t breath as well as cotton. That means it’s like a green house down there for the
fungus to grow. I don’t underwear when I sleep. I transform myself into Donald Duck, clothes on the torso and naked on the lower body, so
my vagina can breathe and be free. 

When I became sexually active I decided that I wanted to use birth control. I chosed pills. I thought it was an easy, affordable and accessible contraceptive. When I got the prescription it was so easy. They asked if I was healthy, if I had any history of blood clots in my family and then they took my blood pressure. After
that I got a prescription for a year. At that time I was 18. I was on the pills for almost 18 years. It wasn’t until I quit that I realised how the pills affected me. During the time I was on the pills my mood was very stable, too stable. I didn’t feel anything. Like a lid on my feelings. No ups or downs. Now I can feel again. True peaks and bottoms. I’m still adjusting to this new me, even though it’s
been almost 4 years since I’ve quit. I’m learning about my true
menstrual cycle, which I haven’t had for 18 years.

When I talk about hormonal contraceptive with my friends, women and men, I hear a lot of unpleasant stories. Everything from depressions to problems with cysts. I do understand that some women wants hormonal contraceptive. Some women suffers from rough PMS and menstrual pain, some need it to help the estrogen levels. But I do think we need to think twice before we get a prescription. What are we putting into our bodies?
I’m also fed up on the lack of contraceptives for men. There are so many different choices for women to control the fertility. But for men there’s one, the condom. There are some products in development for men but it’s laking fundings to continue the process. Also there are some fear that these products might affect the male fertility. What does this tell me?

This is a women’s issue. It’s up to me as
a woman to make sure that I don’t get pregnant. Also that we rather
sacrifice the female body and put a lot of hormones that affects the
physical and mental health. But we have to protect the male body.
That’s not equality. I’m on a digital contraceptive. I have an app that measures my body temperature and then counts my cycle. Then I can see my safe periods
and unsafe periods so I can decide what I want to do with this info.
Either to avoid pregnancy or to get pregnant. For me it’s been an
eye opening way to look at my cycle and see what phase I’m in right
now. It’s not 100 percent safe but there’s no contraceptive that
are totally safe. For menstrual protection I’ve switched from the traditional pads and tampons to a moon cup. I did it because I wanted to have less waste. I
will never go back again. Of course if it’s an emergency and I don’t have my cup around I will use tampons or pads. But for my every menstrual routine there will only be one choice only. The menstrual products we buy in the store are bleached. Why? I don’t know but I don’t like it. Plus some pads contains fragrance, just to make it more ”fresh” and ”pleasant” down there. Awful!
I would never put fragrance near my vagina. Why would I? It causes imbalance climate and irritation. Also shame. Like I need to hide my natural scent with perfume. Nobody expects it to smell like flowers down there. Tampons are so drying. It’s sucks out everything. The blood but also my natural moisture. Makes it dry and uncomfortable. With the moon cup it will not happen. The only thing I need to think of is the hygiene because we use the cup over and over again. Clean it properly and boil
after usage.

Last time I visited my gynecologist I got the best advice ever for my vagina. Skip the soap and use oils instead. Soap contains drying ingredients and often fragrance. Makes the vagina sensitive and imbalanced. With oil I can clean it without stripping it from moisture and also makes the mucous membranes soft and moist. Use a quality oil, cold pressed, so it’s not processed and the nutrients are remained. Loelles Almond oil is perfect for the task. Cold pressed and the
texture is nice. Put some in the hand during the shower and swipe it everywhere. And I mean everywhere. I know there are special soaps for the intimate area in market but oil is such a quality product. Contains one ingredient, safe and understandable for me to use. 

As I wrote in the beginning, I’m not an expert. But I want to share this to you, like I share it to my closets friends. Look at this like a food for thought. Do I treat my most intimate part well? Can I adjust and do better? Maybe you can och maybe you can’t. Either way I wish you a healthy vagina and treat it like a queen.

/Kitty Chan