Argan Oil with Vanilla, 50ml
Argan Oil with Vanilla, 50ml
Argan Oil with Vanilla, 50ml

Argan Oil with Vanilla, 50ml

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Loelle Argan Oil Vanilla consists of our finest vegan, organic Argan oil blended with the finest organic extract of Vanilla.

The natural scent  of Vanilla is universally known for its aroma therapeutic abilities to produce the feeling of happines. It is also known worldwide  as a natural aphrodisiac that simultaneously induces euphoria and relaxation.  Of all the materials that go in fragrances, vanilla is the most liked all over the world.

Loelles fine blend of two of the worlds most demanded natural ingredients is basically a must have. Not only for its indulging scent but also for the beneficial aspects that vegan Argan Oil offers to your skins well being.

Argan oil preserves skin's moisture, improves the its elasticity, softens both hair and skin and gives instant shine. Because Argan oil is a thin (dry) oil, it quickly penetrates the skin. Argan Oil has a proven ability to reduce the appearance of fine lines and its rich content of vitamin E  helps to prevent scarring, accelerate healing and soothe irritated skin. Its anti-inflammatory properties also make it suitable for acne skin and psoriasis. 

Due to its high content of Vitamin-E , Argan Oil acts antioxidant and protects skin from harmful environmental damage that can have a negative impact on skins condition and aging. The included antioxidants protects and strengthens the connective tissue. Loelle Argan Oil makes callused skin smoother and helps to relieve itching and irritated skin.

Use Loelle Argan Oil Vanilla in your daily skin care routine, after the shower, apply on feet and hands, as hair treatment,  anti-frizz, before and after sun. Or simply when you want to spoil your brain with euphoria and relaxation.

Good to know:
Loelle Argan Oil is certified vegan. What does this mean?

Traditionally Argan Oil is derived from Argan nuts that has been digested by goats that loves the pulp. Once it comes out, the nuts are collected and pressed. This process adds the typical ”goat scent” to traditional argan oil. Many argan products on the market are therefore diluted with synthetic oils and/or scented, to cover its ”goaty” smell. This is not the case with Loelle Argan Oil.

Ours is hand picked and peeled without any goats involved. This is why Loelles Argan oil is certified vegan and of purer quality.


INCI : Argania Spinosa (Argan) Oil,  Planifolia (Vanilla) Extract Oil.

Hand Made in Morocco

50 ml