Barbary Fig Seed Oil, Serum, 16 ml
Barbary Fig Seed Oil, Serum, 16 ml

Barbary Fig Seed Oil, Serum, 16 ml

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Loelle Barbary Fig Seed Oil is an exclusive and extremely nutritious face serum of pure and cold-pressed barbary fig seed oil. The oil quickly absorbs by the skin and nourishes and balances the skin's own moisturizing ability. The oil's high content of vitamin E, linoleic acid, polyphenols and essential fatty acids benefits the skin turning it more resilient against external stress.  Helps the skin to improve elasticity, prevents fine lines and premature aging of the skin. The oil also balances sebum production, which is beneficial for acne-prone or inflamed skin. The oil can also reduce dark circles under the eyes.

How to use

Use a few drops of barbary fig seed oil as a luxurious face serum at night or together with your base oil or moisturizer during the day.

Suitable for all skin types and can be used on areas that need extra care such as dry areas, eczema, pimples, cuticles and the sensitive skin around the eyes.


Opuntia Ficus Indica (Barbary fig seed oil). 16 ml.


Ecocert. The Vegan Society.



Loelle Barbary Fig Seed Oil comes from the fruit barbary figs that grow wild in Morocco. The fruit has small hard seeds and of these about 1 ton is required to produce a litre of cold-pressed oil. The time-consuming production makes the nutritious oil one of the world's most exclusive.

Loelle Barbary Fig Seed Oil is harvested and produced by hand by a carefully selected women's cooperative in Morocco. Thanks to the women’s cooperative the women have a stable income and better welfare.