Rose Water traveller, 50ml
Rose Water traveller, 50ml

Rose Water traveller, 50ml

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Loelle Rose Water is produced by a ECO-Certified cooperative in the city of Kalaat M'Gouna, Morocco. A place known for its rose-covered meadows and distillation of rose petals. Notis that Loelle Rose Water only consists of one, organic ingredient.
The most important feature of the usage of Rose Water is its ph-balancing effect on the skin. When the face comes in contact with water, the skins ph-level is put out of balance. The disadvantage of this is that the skin can not obtain maximum of moist.
By spraying Loelle Rose Water after your face has been cleansed its ph-level is immediately balanced and then optimized for the uptake of following products. Rose water also helps to control excess of oil produced in skin and can at the same time act antibacterial, which is in favor for skin that tends to be more prone to acne. It also has antioxidant properties and is therefore beneficial for skins regeneration.
The moist from Loelle Rose water acts astringent on pores and if you apply it directly after opening them after steaming, it may have a tightening effect on capillaries, in other words a reduction of redness.
This mild and rosy smelling water is suitable for any skin type.

On face:
It can be sprayed directly on face or by using a cotton pad. You can also spray about three times into the palm of your hand
and mix it with a small amount of your preferred oil from Loelle and add friction. By doing so a milky emulsion will appear and this will be absorbed quickly by skin leaving it soft and moisturized.
Can be used on top of make-up to ”set it” or whenever you feel that your skin needs to be refreshed.

On hair and scalp:
Spray over dry hair to tame frizz and to enhance curls. Combine with a small amount of Argan Oil for extra shine and prevention of dry, dull hair. Can be used on scalp to moisturize dry areas that needs some extra moist.
Loelle Rose Water has been awarded for being "Best Facial Water of the Year" at Organic beauty awards 2018.

Rosa Damascena (Rose) water
Hand made by women's cooperatives in Morocco

50 ml