Neroli Water Traveller, 50ml

Neroli Water Traveller, 50ml

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Loelle Neroli Water is a completely organic and natural facial water made by steam distillation of the flowers from Pomeran trees. Neroli is also called orange flower. The usage of this product has various benefits. The most important one is that it, immediately, acts pH-balancing. Everytime that your face comes in contact with water, the pH-level is set out of balance; this leads to that the skin's uptake of moist decreases. By spraying Loelle Neroli Water on your face after cleansing, the pH-level is set back to normal and your face is ready for taking up additional products. It is hydrating in itself and can therefore be used at any time when skin calls for a spritz of extra moist during the day, even on makeup.

Spray on body to feel refreshed, especially after being out in the sun. The arousing scent will directly transport your mind to a beautiful place.

Neroli Water balances the pH-level of the skin after cleansing the face, moisturizes and has anti-inflammatory agents. Due to its cell regenerating impact on skin, it is well suited for everyone that looks for anti-aging skincare.
Neroli Water is especially good for dry and sensitive skin, and is also a good choice for stressed and mature skin in anti-aging skin care.

Extra tips:
Can be used on hair to tame frizz. Can also be sprayed onto Loelle Clay Masks, to prolong the effect of the mask.

Try also to blend a small amount of oil and Neroli Water, in the palm of your hand and then apply to face for a smooting, moisturizing quickfix.