Argan Oil, 5ml
Argan Oil, 5ml

Argan Oil, 5ml

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Loelle Argan Oil is 100% natural, organic and cold pressed. It is harvested and produced by a women's cooperative in Morocco, certified by ECOCERT and USDA

Loelle offer a completely natural and certified organic Argan oil that preserves the skin's moisture, improves the skin's elasticity, softens both hair and skin and gives instant shine. Because Argan oil is a thin (dry) oil, it quickly penetrates the skin. Argan Oil has a proven ability to reduce the appearance of fine lines and its rich content of vitamin E  helps to prevent scarring, accelerate healing and soothe irritated skin. Its anti-inflammatory properties also make it suitable for acne skin and psoriasis.  Loelle Argan Oil ihas no added scent.  Its natural scent is subtle and ”nutty”  which is proof of that is of premium quality.

Due to its high content of Vitamin-E , Argan Oil acts antioxidant and prepares skin from harmful environmental causes that can have a negative impact on skins condition and aging. The included antioxidants protects and strengthens the connective tissue. Loelle Argan Oil  makes callused skin smoother and helps to releave itching and irritated skin.

Use Loelle Argan Oil in your daily skin care routine, after the shower, apply on feet and hands, as hair treatment, before styling your hair (heat protection), anti-frizz, before and after sun.

On skin:
Loelle Argan Oil can be used undiluted on the face and body. By itself or combined with other oils, depending on need and skin type.

By blending Loelle Rose or Neroli Water with a small amount of Argan Oil, in the palm of your hand, you can easily create your own moisturising emulsion to use after cleaning face, morning and/or evening.

Apply all over body while damp after shower or bath. This increases skins natural resilience.  On very dry skin it can be applied before showering, to prevent more dryness.

Before and after sun baths.

Soften  up cuticles and cracked heels by massaging Argan Oil whenever it is needed.

In summary, the argan oil can contribute to a number of positive effects, such as moisturizing and moisturizing the skin, stimulating scar healing and relieving ruptures, preventing skin cell degradation,

reduce itchiness of the scalp, moisturize dry and damaged hair.

A multi purpose that has a given place in your  bathroom cabinet.

On hair:
Loelle Argan Oil can be used undiluted in hair and scalp.

As a hair wrap to regain shine and luster (warm the oil slightly by vcreating friction with the palm of your hands, massage into hair lengths, wrap a warm towel around the hair, let it for 20 minutes, rinse off or leave overnight.

A few drops after styling, preventing  dry and split hairs.

Loelle Argan Oil can be used after shampoo and conditioner, as the last step. Before last rinse, add two drops and massage into hair length. Rinse of with water only and then let hair air dry. The result is lustrous, moisturized hair that is not greasy but looks and feels more resilient and vital.

Good to know:
Loelle Argan Oil is vegan. What does this mean?

Traditionally Argan Oil is derived from Argan nuts that has passed the digestive system of goats that eats the fruit. Once it comes out, the nuts are collected and pressed. This process leaves the typical ”goat scent” to the oil. Many argan products on the market are therefore diluted with synthetic oils and/or scented, to cover its ”goaty” smell. This is not the case with Loelle Argan Oil.

Ours is hand picked and peeled without any goats invloved. Hance it is certified vegan and of much more pure quality.

Argania spinosa kernel (Argan) oil

Hand made by women's cooperatives in Morocco

5 ml