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shea oil for skin

Shea Oil - 100ml

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Loelle Shea Oil is softening for dry skin areas. Shea oil acts soothing, protective and moisturizing for mild eczema, skin cracks, skin rashes and skin irritations. Shea oil is also good for treating dry hair and sensitive scalp. Apply shea oil to the face, body and hair.

Shea oil has larger molecules that do not penetrate the skin as easily, making shea oil an ultimate product to preserve moisture in the skin - especially in colder climates. Shea oil is also a good choice of oil for massage.

Shea oil suits all skin types and especially the one with sensitive, dry skin and even sensitive baby skin.

Women's cooperatives in Ghana collect the fruit from the shea tree and then grind a flour out of the nut kernels separated from the fruit. The flour, in turn, is pressed to extract the shea butter. Shea oil is produced by cooling the original raw material, the shea butter, so that the stearic acid solidifies and can be removed. Remaining is the liquid fraction called shea oil.

Massage into the skin at the desired area or use a few drops to moisturize the hair lengths and scalp.

For even easier application of the shea oil, the glass bottle can be heated in a water bath with a temperature of around 38 degrees.

INCI: Butyrospermum Pakii (Shea) Oil

From: Ghana