About us

Loelle is a Swedish skin care family business with Moroccan roots, founded in 2012. We are on a mission to deliver the best natural skin care products that make it possible for you to reconnect with yourself and nature. To our help we have the secrets from ancient beauty routines that we mix with modern knowledge.

We see ourselves as a self-care destination and we think it is important that we do good to the people we meet and the environment we rely on. That is why we are working with several women’s cooperatives around the world, who are using only fresh, locally sourced ingredients, to make our products. To not compromise on anything or anyone, all our recipes are vegan and cruelty free, with only natural components.

The result is our beneficial and effective products that nurture your skin and hair – as well as the people and the earth involved in the process. So maybe you fell for us because of our great appearance or enjoyable formulas, and that is totally okay. We only wanted you to know that we also work hard to bbecome the most caring brand in your everyday self-care routine.


Our Mission

By combining ancient self-care routines with modern knowledge, Loelle makes it possible to reconnect with yourself and nature.


Our Vision

To make it easy for every individual to feel great — inside and out, today and tomorrow.


Brand Promise

Creating fresh, beneficial skin care that both does good and is good to all.