About us – Loelle Organic Beauty

About us

We make organic skin care fresh, kind and easy. Loelle started with a son watching his mother using ancient organic products from his homeland Morocco. The family’s connection to the country made it possible to bring high quality, natural and organic skin care to the western market and present it to a new audience.

Since the beginning, we have been a family business and we like to do things differently. Still, everything does not need to be reinvented. When other companies present skin care as expensive, technical and complicated, we are all about making it effortless and keeping it down to earth. That is why we turn to ourselves, to community and to nature in order to responsibly produce the freshest organic skin care possible.

We exist to do good and we do believe that giving back is the best way to pay it forward. That self-care is an important act of loving oneself, that the routine needs to be cherished and at the same time, be beneficial and efficient to everyone involved. This gives us the motivation to keep working towards our vision; to make it easy and accessible for every individual to feel and look great – inside and out, today and tomorrow.

Our Mission

By combining ancient self-care routines with modern knowledge, Loelle makes it possible to reconnect with yourself and nature. 

Our Vision

To make it easy for every individual to feel great — inside and out, today and tomorrow.

 Brand Promise

Creating fresh, beneficial skin care that both does good and is good to all.