Argan Oil, 30ml
Argan Oil, 30ml

Argan Oil, 30ml

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Loelle Argan Oil

Loelle Argan Oil is a 100% natural, organic and cold-pressed oil that is suitable to use on both skin, hair and nails. Loelle Argan Oil is rich in vitamin E, antioxidants and is effective in softening and providing glow to both skin and hair. The thin oil is quickly absorbed into the skin and can prevent the appearance of fine lines, accelerates cell renewal. 

Suitable on acne and psoriasis.

Suitable for all skin types and especially dry, mature and damaged skin.

How to use

Apply a small amount of oil after cleansing and toner. Can be used on face, body and on areas that need extra care such as cuticles and cracked heels.

Add a few drops of oil to reduce frizzy hair and split ends or apply to the scalp overnight to soothe irritated scalp. Wash your hair the next day.


Argania spinosa (Argan oil). 30 ml


Ecocert. The Vegan Society.

Loelle Argan Oil is vegan certified. What does that mean?

Traditionally, argan oil is extracted from argan nuts that have passed through the digestion of goats as they eat the pulp. Once it has passed the goat's digestion, the nuts are collected and pressed. This method leaves the goat's characteristic smell. Therefore, many varieties of diluted argan oil are offered, which are usually also perfumed to hide the goat scent. This is not the case with Loelle Argan Oil as it never comes in contact with goats. The argan nuts are picked and peeled by women at a women's cooperative. The cold pressed oil does not smell like goat and has a much higher degree of purity.



Loelle Argan Oil is harvested and produced by hand by a carefully selected women's cooperative in Morocco. The oil gives the women a stable income, better welfare and thanks to the women's cooperative, they have started a school so that their children are given an opportunity to education. In addition, argan trees help to reduce the threatening desertification in the area and are on the UNESCO World Heritage List.