When world famous singer, Zara Larsson, discovered Loelle Argan Oil she became obsessed.  In her blog she writes about how dry her skin becomes during winter time and how she has discovered the benefits of oils as skin care. 

"This vegetable Argan Oil! One good thing is that it is 100% natural. It is absolutely amazing! So seriously, absolutely amazing."


Traditionally, argan oil is extracted from argan nuts that have passed through the digestion of goats as they eat the pulp. Once it has passed the goat's digestion, the nuts are collected and pressed. This method leaves the goat's characteristic smell. Therefore, many varieties of diluted argan oil are offered, which are usually also perfumed to hide the goat scent. This is not the case with Loelle Argan Oil as it never comes in contact with goats. The argan nuts are picked and peeled by women at a women's cooperative. The cold pressed oil does not smell like goat and has a much higher degree of purity.


"You can have it for your hair too, but it is a superhero for dry skin!"


Yes, Zara Larsson is correct, it is a superhero for dry skin. By using Loelle Argan Oil continuosly on face and body you will see how skin tone becomes more even and with ehnhanced glow. 


We are absolutely thrilled that Zara Larsson found Loelle Argan Oil and wrote about her obsession over it. 


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